STRUTZ PRC Automatic Screen Decorator


The PRC-75 and PRC-100 Automatic Screen Decorationg Machines can decorate round containers ranging from 1" to 3-7/8" in diameter and 3" to 12" in height.  They were designed for fast, efficient changeovers to eliminate costly down time. The PRC also can accommodate various ink systems including: conventional, UV and thermoplastic colors. 

PRC Standard Features
  • Heavy duty construction for 24 hour use
  • Hardened and ground oscillationg blocks and channels
  • Precision cam conveyor indexer immersed in oil
  • Dual 2" double pitch conveyor chain with large sprockets
  • Mechanical screen and container rotation drive
  • 4" index for optimum container handling
  • Independent 360 degrees bottle drive eliminates the need to change gears, pulleys or cables
  • Quick adjustable carriers and ware rails
  • Precision screen stroke adjustment and calibration
  • Roll ramp feed with adjustable load gate
  • 1.5 HP DC variable speed drive motor
  • Programmable microcomputer cam controller
  • Digital bottle rate counter
  • Patented Strutz air squeegee system
  • 'No bottle - no print' safety circuit
  • Run/Jog with mushroom Stop
  • Run/Stop inflation safety with adjustable air pressure
  • Automatic bottom registration
  • Automatic pre-registration standard on PRC-100, optional on PRC-75
PRC Optional Features 
  • Pivoting Flame Treater with automatic ignite and gas shutoff
  • UV power source: 300 watt/inch 10" bulb
  • Individual screen and squeegee heat control with automatic screen heat dropback for screening hot melt color
  • 8" index decorator for larger containers (up to 7" diameter)
  • Two color models available
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