STRUTZ GP/4 Semi-Automatic General Purpose Decorator

The GP/4 semi automatic screen decorator was specifically designed for simple, efficient operation. It is microprocessor controlled to ensure consistent operation for flat, round and oval shaped containers. The GP/4 is gear driven to facilitate positive drive action. However, there are no drive gear changes required to match bottle and gear pitch diameters, as is required in competitive machines. This feature saves time, money, and eliminates the need to stock additional gear components. The GP/4 screen stroke adjustment is simple and accurate. A unique Strutz innovation automatically matches the parametric distance of each container with the linear stroke of the screen to ensure precise tracking. Manual adjustment of the container-screen tracking for various container sizes and shapes are unnecessary. Simple changeovers are required for flat and oval container shapes, but require few tools.


GP/4 Container Size Specifications
Container Shape Parameter Minimum Maximum
Round Screen Stroke 3.09" 20.42"
Container Diameter 1.00" 6.50"
Container Height 0.00" 12.00"
Oval Screen Stroke 1.00" 6.00"
Radius 0.00" 5.00"
Flat Squeegee Stroke 1.00" 20.42"
Height 0.00" 12.00"

GP/4 Standard Features

  • Microprocessor controlled timing for consistent operation
  • Casters and leveling legs
  • One or two direction print selector
  • Left-to-right or right-to-left print selector
  • Foot pedal switch with safety interlock
  • Fully adjustable screen mounting arms
  • Emergency stop with reset
  • Mechanical bottle rotator drive, never need to change gears
  • No bottle/no print circuit prevents screen damage
  • Bottle inflation for plastic containers
  • 115 Volt, 60 Hz, single phase

GP/4 Optional Features

  • Round attachment includes: bottom lug registration, one base cup up to 3" diameter, nose cone with inflation
  • Oval attachment includes: precision radius adjustment, one base cup, nose cone with inflation
  • Flat attachment includes: one base cup, nose cone with inflation
  • Individual screen and squeegee heat control for screening thermoplatic color
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