STRUTZ CS100 Body/Shoulder Glass Decorator

The CS-100 decorating machine decorate beverage bottles in one, two or three body and shoulder colors at speeds up to 100 bottles per minute. The patented Strutz bottle Carrier allows full adjustments in both diameter and height. The CS-100 features single registration for between-the-seams label location. Its automatic interlock insures color-to-color registration of labels eliminating any need to re-register.


  CS-100 Bottle Limits
Body Hgt. 
Body Hgt. 
Body Dia. 
Body Dia. 
Shoulder Dia. 
Shoulder Dia. 
Narrow Neck 13.500" 3.000" 3.750" 1.750" 3.250" 1.062"
Wide Mouth 12.000" 3.000" 3.750" 1.750" 3.250" 1.062"

 CS-100 Standard Features

  • Available in two or three color models
  • Handles ware from 1-3/4" to 3-1/4" diameter and 3" to 13-1/2" height
  • Heavy duty construction, designed for 24 hour operation
  • Operates at speeds up to 100 bottles per minute with power infeed and outfeed
  • Capable of decorating beverage and cosmetic bottles
  • Fast job changeover, generally less than 45 minutes
  • Automatic interlock insures color-to-color registration
  • Captive chuck carriers designed with easily adjustable finish holders and snap-on/snap-off base cups
  • Pre wired and plumbed for electical and pnuematic hook-up
  • Air squeegees permit dial-in pressure for consistent quality decoration
  • Individual precision stroke setting accomplished quickly and easily
  • Air operated bottle steady
  • Single registration elimiates the need to re-register
  • Standard 10 HP, 230/460 VAC drives can operate auxiliary equipment
  • Capable of using organic and inorganic colors in heated screen units
  • Electrical safety system with pin point indicating lights
  • low maintenance costs

CS-100 Optional Features

  • Storage conveyor and single liner
  • Lehr pullbar stacker and pushbar stacker
  • Heated color dispensing pots
  • Heated color dispensing tubes complete with color control
  • ECD automatic electronic controller color dispensing system
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