STRUTZ Glass Decorator Accessories


Container Stackers and Lehr Loading Systems

Strutz push bar and pull bar stackers represent the finest lehr loading systems available. They are designed and constructed to operate 24 hours, with smooth mechanical action and low maintenance.



Electronic Color Dispensing Systems

The thermostatically controlled Electronic Color Dispensing (ECD) system automatically controls color deposits for continuous operation.  It is the ideal system for coverage applications when a large volume flow of hot color is required. 



Electronic Color Dispensing System, DSL Control

Our new ECD-DSL Color Dispensing Pots have two closed loop temperature control systems, one to control the pot temperature and one to control the color temperature. Each temperature control system includes a thermocouple and digital display showing the adjustable set-point and operating temperatures.

These pots were designed for thermal organic colors which require much more precise control than for heavy metal ceramic colors (though they also may be used with heavy metal ceramic colors). We have worked closely with organic color manufacturers to develop this product to ensure its great success in the industry.

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